Meet The Team


Pattie Romano is the founder of The Body Shop Training LLC, based in Summit, NJ. Because of her love for athletics and fitness, Pattie earned a Bachelors of Science in Public Health, with a minor in Nutrition. Pattie has been in the fitness industry for 15 years and is a NASM certified personal trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist, and, most recently, received her certification in Yoga. Patti also has extensive experience in strength training, bodybuilding, and functional training.

Pattie loves to work with other women in the community and is extremely passionate about motivating them to achieve their fitness goals. Community is an essential part of her company, and The Body Shop Training works in conjunction with K2 Fitness & Performance, which shares their space in Summit.

With her extensive list of accomplishments, Pattie believes that anyone can improve their fitness levels, no matter what their physical condition or challenges. She believes that workouts should be functional and compliment your current lifestyle. When you build a fitness routine around your lifestyle your day to-day life will be far more enjoyable, and your overall quality of life will improve.

Pattie strives to make workouts both exciting and challenging so that her clients are always having a good time. Fun is a critical component to a fitness regimen, and Pattie works hard to make sure that a priority when designing a routine. Having fun helps her clients to stay engaged and encourages them to remain interested in their workout routines. With her integrated, focused, and precise approach to health and fitness, Pattie encourages her clients to learn more about movement and methods to receive faster results.


Laura is an enthusiast for bodyweight and free weight training, incorporating these elements into workouts to challenge different energy systems. She holds a degree in public health education and is certified in group fitness, OCR, and myofascial release.

“We pride ourselves on being the most challenging class that anyone of any fitness level can do. I am most fulfilled by the positive impact I am able to make day-to-day with a positive attitude and work ethic.”