Class Descriptions


The Body Shop offers a variety of workouts to improve strength and conditioning while challenging you to push your body to its limit. Discover our amazing line-up of classes below.

Shred HIIT

Push your limits as you improve strength & conditioning with our signature class. Shred HIIT is a perfect mix of strength and cardio high-intensity interval training. This class is perfect for anyone, of any fitness level.

Express HIIT

If you’re short on time but big on fitness goals, our Express HIIT class is the answer. In just 30 minutes, you’ll dive into an intense workout focusing on strength and conditioning. High-intensity interval training is the name of the game here, delivering maximum results in minimal time. All fitness levels are welcome, so jump in and join us for an efficient fitness journey!

Straight Up Strength

Each STRENGTH class will focus on a combo of the upper and lower body. You won’t find any sprinting or conditioning (burpees, tuck jumps, broad jumps, etc.) in this program, but trust us you won’t need it. Each program will vary between high weights at low repetitions or high repetitions at lower weights. All levels welcome.

Grit & Endurance

This class trains you like an athlete. This total body workout will challenge both your strength and endurance utilizing various training equipment. This class will incorporate slam balls, dumbbells, wreck bags, resistance bands, TRX training, and more; to ensure a one-of-a-kind fitness experience. All levels welcome.

Fresh Air Class

This class is 100% outdoor, each week the program changes with distances of running, conditioning, and functional strength work, always in a challenging format for all fitness levels.


This class combines weight training and bodyweight to build lean muscle mass with cardiovascular intervals for a total body burn. All levels welcome.

Restore & Reset Yoga

Restore & Reset is a restful practice all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. This class will provide a slow and gentle flow between the effortless experience of long-held postures supported by props. With this level of support, students can slow down and let go of long-held tension.