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It’s Time to HIIT The Gym: Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

If you haven’t HIIT the gym in a while you may be unfamiliar with a popular term being thrown around in athletic circles of all skill levels: HIIT, an acryonm for high intensity interval training. In the last few years HIIT has gained significant notoriety and has been endorsed by athletes, celebrities, biologists, and of […]

Getting Strong Now: The Importance of Strength Training in a Sedentary World

For readers of a certain age, the above lyric should be a real attention grabber. Not sure where you’ve heard the phrase? Think Hollywood ringside, and repeat the words in your head with a near-falsetto pitch, and it should become clear. We’re talking about the “Italian stallion” Rocky Balboa. Immortalized as the “Rocky theme song” […]